Indian Jewelry




Sisiuti is the two headed sea serpent of legend, this creature has great supernatural powers, it is told the Sisiuti could transform itself into a self-propelled canoe and was often painted on the sides of warrior canoes. It is said that to look into the eyes of a Sisiuti would turn a person to stone. It is also said that to wound a Sisiuti and obtain its blood could make a warrior immortal.




Held in great awe for its power and size the Killer Whale represents beauty and power, they are known as the Traveler and Guardian. Some tribes believed the killer whale could capture a canoe and take it underwater to transform the occupants into Whales. The Killer Whale mates for life, making it a popular symbol for romance.



A symbol of power and prestige, the Eagle represents great strength, and leadership.  The Eagle is frequently depicted on totem poles, masks, prints and jewelry. Sacred Eagle down was used in ceremonies to welcome someone in friendship.



The Raven is known as the transformer, the trickster and creator. Legends tell of the Raven as the one who released the sun, moon, and stars, and discovered man in a clamshell. He brought the salmon and the water; and taught man how to fish and hunt. The Raven known as the trickster seemed always out to please himself, yet his adventures always ended up bettering mankind.



Representing good luck and good fortune, it is considered good fortune to see a Hummingbird prior to a major event such as hunting or traveling to another village. Legend says that catching a Hummingbird guarantees your choice of a mate. The Hummingbird is a well-respected symbol.



A symbol of regeneration, self-sacrifice and perseverance, Salmon are honored and celebrated by all coastal peoples. Associated with twins and are therefore usually shown in pairs. Shamans and chiefs traveled to the undersea world to seek out salmon to secure vital knowledge and power necessary for the survival and success of their own people.




Moon is regarded as a guardian and protector, known as a Spirit Guide to the Shaman. A powerful image, the Moon can sometimes be seen as a Chief’s crest and may appear as Human or as Raven, to relate the myth of Raven stealing the Moon. According to some tribes the Sun and Moon are married, and bestow good luck and bountiful food. In art form, Moon is most often attributed to transformation.



Representing creativity and life, Sun also has the power to scorch and destroy. In Haida mythology, Sun was stolen from the bentwood box of an old Chief by Raven, releasing it to illuminate the skies for the benefit of mankind. Sun’s face will often appear in art-form as Eagle or Raven with hands as its rays, showing benevolence. Revered as a very wise old ancestor, the Sun will don its cloak of Abalone shell in the morning and walk across the sky’s edge.



Bear is known as the protector of the animal kingdom. Representing strength, power, learned humility, mothering and teaching. Powerful and human-like, Bear is referred to as an Elder Kinsman who teaches legends and dances and is treated as a high-ranking guest. Bear symbolizes great power over life and death and is depicted with a short snout and ears.



The spirit helpers of the Shamans, they are known for their ability to exist in two worlds, natural and supernatural, land and sea. A great communicator with extensive knowledge, the frog often speaks for the common people. Their voice and song carry divine power and magic.



Representing Intelligence, leadership, loyalty, honor, strength and courage with a strong sense of family. Wolf is the land manifestation of the Killer Whale as they both mate for life, Of all the animals, Wolves have the strongest supernatural powers. They are the best hunters of land animals and were greatly respected for their cleverness.



Powerful and mystical, the Thunderbird is a high-ranking mythical creature . Only the most powerful and prestigious Chiefs have the Thunderbird as a crest. It possesses supernatural power and is credited with creating the storms. When the Thunderbird blinked lightning came out of his eyes, and when he flapped his wings thunder roared.